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🌎 As Russia Completes Transition to a Full War Economy, Treasury Takes Sweeping Aim at Foundational Financial Infrastructure and Access to Third Country Support U.S. Treasury

📌 Sanctions Hole: How secretive routes supply Russia with western tech and consumer goods Guardian 

🌎 Six suspected terrorists with ISIS ties arrested in sting operation in NY, LA and Philadelphia.  The target subject to the wiretap was previously released by federal authorities at the southern border. NYP

📌 The Terrorism Warning Lights Are Blinking Red Again Foreign Affairs

📌 Patagonia funneled thousands to Palestinian terrorism-linked group Washington Examiner

🌎 The Street-Fighting Lawyer Who’s Become Hollywood’s Dark Knight.  When pissed-off power players from Megyn Kelly and Bethenny Frankel to Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon need a warrior to fight their nastiest legal battles, Bryan Freedman is the first person they call. Hollywood Reporter 

🌎 China’s Top Drone Manufacturer Enlists Texas Company To Avoid Federal Bans.  Enter Anzu Robotics, a one-man Texas startup that hit the market in April with drones that bear remarkable similarities to DJI’s product offerings. Free Beacon

📌 US Weighs More Limits on China’s Access to Chips Needed for AI Bloomberg

🌎 Russia posts abducted Ukrainian children on government-linked adoption sites.  Ukrainian children who have been forcibly deported to Russia are subject to systemic re-education efforts by Russian authorities. FT

🌎 Two US men jailed for conspiracy to sell Iranian oil to China.  Zhenyu Wang and Daniel Ray Lane schemed with co-conspirators to evade US sanctions against Iran. Reuters

🌎 How the IRS went soft on billionaires and corporate tax cheats.  The IRS division that audits corporations and the ultrarich flagged no more than 22 possible tax crimes over the past five years. ICIJ

🌎 Charity Founder Embezzled Millions and Spent on Lavish Meals.  Keith Taylor, head of Modest Needs, crowdsourced donations for the poor but spent hundreds of thousands of dollars at high-end restaurants. DOJ

🌎 SEC Charges Founder of AI-Powered Hiring Startup Joonko With Fraud.  Ilit Raz told investors the firm had more customers than it actually had and gave them false bank statements and forged contracts. WSJ

🌎 Inside Mexico’s anti-avocado militias.  The spread of the avocado is a story of greed, ambition, corruption, water shortages, and cartel battles. Guardian

🌎 Warren Bill Would Jail Buyout Execs Whose ‘Looting’ of Hospitals Caused Death.  Senator Warren calls for six-year sentences for private equity executives who put excessive pressure on a hospital’s finances. WSJ


🇷🇺 EU Proposes to Sanction Shipping Giant Sovcomflot to Limit Russia’s Revenue Bloomberg

🇷🇺 Let’s unpack some questions about Russia’s role in North Korea’s rocket program Ars 

🇷🇺 For Some In Russia’s Far-Flung Provinces, Ukraine War Is A Ticket To Prosperity RFE

🇷🇺 Russian Real Estate in Finland Pose Security Risk, PM Warns Bloomberg


🇨🇳 G-7 to Call on China to Stop Helping Russia’s War in Ukraine Bloomberg

🇨🇳 Trump ally urges Jeremy Hunt to investigate Shein’s ‘slave labor and sweatshops’ Telegraph

🇨🇳 Hong Kong doctor, lawyer among 665 victims scammed out of HK$780 million by syndicates SCMP

🇨🇳 As China-backed BRICS mulls Thailand membership, could more countries soon join the club? SCMP


💸 Women challenge the mafia in Italy’s Puglia AP

💸 In Oklahoma, there’s a push to lower penalties for cockfighting NPR

💸 Activist Hedge Fund Fined for Secret Payments to Researcher Bloomberg

💸 Bangladesh Court Indicts Nobel Laureate Yunus In Graft Case AFP

💸 American investor Martin Shkreli accused of copying and sharing one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang Clan album AP

💸 South Korean opposition leader indicted on bribery charges VOA

💸 Fraud at Prime Capital Ventures may have exceeded $125M Times Union

💸 US House panel finds Wall St ‘colluded’ to curb emissions Reuters

💸 Fox board members subpoenaed in Smartmatic’s defamation lawsuit over 2020 election lies CNN

💸 Blinken announces more than $400M in new humanitarian aid for Palestinians in Gaza CNN

💸 Segantii Insider Case Hinges on a Market-Moving Block Trade Bloomberg



🔐 In Conversation With Brian Nelson CoinDesk

🔐 Why Perplexity’s Cynical Theft Represents Everything That Could Go Wrong With AI Forbes

🔐 Hacker Accesses Internal ‘Tile’ Tool That Provides Location Data to Cops 404

🔐 Crypto Hacks Net $19B Since 2011 and Illegal Activity on Blockchain Is Still Growing CoinDesk

🔐 Crypto Mixers, Privacy Coins, Layer 2s Complicate Tracing for Law Enforcement CoinDesk



🚚 Two narco subs loaded with nearly 5 tons of cocaine seized in the Pacific Ocean off Colombia CBS

🚚 Silicon Valley’s Fanciest Stolen Bikes Are Getting Trafficked by One Mastermind in Jalisco, Mexico Wired

🚚 Europe is running out of heroin. The alternatives are much worse Politico

🚚 Hinduja Scion in Swiss Human-Trafficking Trial Says Nanny Was Like a ‘Second Mum’ to Family Bloomberg

🚚 Boston’s Logan Airport sheltering over 100 migrants with more families arriving ‘at all hours’ NYP


📘 Standards and interoperability: The future of the global financial system Atlantic Council

📘 U.S. Foreign Extortion Prevention Act: New Tool in the Fight Against Global Corruption TI 

📘 How We Uncovered the Modus Operandi of Criminals Smuggling Illegal Gold out of Venezuela Pulitzer Center

📘 Illicit Drugs Are Undermining Pacific Security USIP

📘 France Compliance Report: Preventing corruption and promoting integrity in central governments EU

📘 China Rubicon Report – The Institutional Investors & Funds financing the rise of technology innovation in China and other adversarial autocracies. Future Union

📘 Paper Wall: Chinese Websites Posing as Local News Outlets Target Global Audiences with Pro-Beijing Content Citizen Lab

📘 Bankrolling Terror: Iran’s Role in Fundraising and Recruiting for Hamas Post-10/7 Cloudburst

📘 Safer Scrolling: How algorithms popularize and gamify online hate and misogyny for young people University of Kent



📌 China’s Oppression of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang

📌 How Are U.S. Financial Sanctions Developed?

📌 Top 10 Ways Iran Supports and Empowers Hamas

📌 Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Program: A Dangerous Evolution

📌 Top 10 Ways Money Launderers Are Caught Red-Handed 

📌 What are the Top 10 Books on Corruption, Kleptocracy, and Illicit Financing?

📌 What Are 10 Ways China Is Stealing Intellectual Property?

📌 These are Mexico’s Most Powerful Drug Cartels

📌 The Hypocrisy of Labeling Terrorists as ‘Militants’

📌 Sanctions and the IRGC: How Iran’s Paramilitary Group Profits from Economic Hardship

📌 What are the Arguments For and Against ESG?





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🎙 Treasury in the Time of Russia Sanctions: Insights with Liz Rosenberg RUSI 

🎙 Sanctions Past, Present, and Future with OFAC Director Brad Smith Lawfare

🎙 FBI Director Wray talks takedown operations, nation-state hackers, and growing threats in cyberspace Record

🎙 Do sanctions still work as a weapon of war? Economist

🎙️Pirate of Prague Apple

🎙️Bug bounties with Chinese characteristics Click Here

🎙️Davos, WWIII, Essential Books GoodFellows




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