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🌎 How Raiffeisen’s bet on Russia took it to the brink.  Raiffeisen is on the front line of America’s intense push to isolate Russia by reinforcing sanctions. Reuters

🌎 How the US is putting the squeeze on the Sinaloa Cartel.  Washington closes in on the Mexican crime gang responsible for huge volumes of fentanyl trafficking. El País 

️ Poisons in Paradise: How Mexican cartels target Hawaii with meth, fentanyl USAT

🌎 A Beautiful Chinese Launderette.  In Mexico, cartels turn chemicals into pills and smuggle these north across the border, where they are sold for cash that needs to be cleaned. FT

🌎 Hacker infiltrated OpenAI’s messaging system and ‘stole details’ about AI tech.  A security breach at the maker of ChatGPT last year revealed internal discussions among researchers, but not the code behind OpenAI’s systems. Independent

🌎 Security group led by China, Russia ‘key pillar’ of world order.  Putin and Xi have expanded the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to include India, Iran and Pakistan as a counterweight to the West. Reuters

🇷🇺 Russian armor-piercing tank rounds to be made in India Reuters 

🇷🇺 Update to Certain Russia-related Listings OFAC

🌎 The Not-So-Secret Network Access Broker x999xx.  Certain old-school Russian hackers have done little to prevent people from figuring out who they are in real life. Krebs

💥 What Are Access Brokers? Illicit Edge

🌎 Relearning lessons from the past: NATO and economic deterrence.  There’s a growing need for the West to seamlessly integrate military deterrence with economic warfare once more. Politico

🌎 Maduro’s Dirty Playbook.  If his electoral ploys work, he may be able to rig the election long before election night, without the need to manipulate the vote count. MH

🌎 Brazilian police indict ex-President Bolsonaro in undeclared diamonds case.  This indictment dramatically raises the legal threats facing the divisive ex-leader. AP

🌎 Former Defense Contractor Le Dain Faces Extradition for $350M Tax Evasion.  He earned $350M but pretended funds were income to his wife. DOJ



🇷🇺 Russian Government’s Oil Revenue Was Up Almost 50% in June Bloomberg

🇷🇺 Russian regulator encourages use of crypto to counter sanctions Reuters

🇷🇺 The critical cog in Putin’s machine and how British firms help to keep Russian gas flowing Sky

🇷🇺 Iranian Central Banker Calls for Closer Financial Ties to Russia Bloomberg

🇷🇺 Russia sentences U.S. man Robert Woodland to prison on drug charges CBS

🇷🇺 Russian paratroop commander ordered detained on corruption charges Reuters


🇨🇳 Pentagon Has a Huawei Dilemma Congress Doesn’t Want to Solve Bloomberg

🇨🇳 Huawei exec rejects idea that advanced chip shortage will hamper China’s AI ambitions Reuters

🇨🇳 384,000 sites pull code from sketchy code library recently bought by Chinese firm Ars


💸 Fraud groups ‘stealing billions’ from music industry via ‘fake’ streams Sky

💸 Panama’s new president labels Panama Papers a ‘hoax’ ICIJ

💸 Malaysia’s Najib loses legal bid to serve sentence under house arrest AP

🚩 FATF Identifies Jurisdictions with AML/CFT, Terrorism, and Counter-Proliferation Finance Deficiencies FinCEN


🔐 Microsoft’s Midnight Blizzard source code breach also impacted federal agencies Verge

🔐 Global Banking Standard Setter Approves Disclosure Framework for Crypto Exposures CoinDesk

🔐 Global Police Operation Shuts Down 600 Cybercrime Servers Linked to Cobalt Strike Hacker News

🔐 Ransomware locks credit union users out of bank accounts Ars

🔐 Senate leader demands answers from CISA on Ivanti-enabled hack of sensitive systems Record



🚚 Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs accused of sex trafficking and sexual assault in lawsuit by former adult film actress CNN

🚚 CBP Officers Seize $5M Worth Of Meth Newsweek

🚚 Rare plants hidden in toys – and other trafficking tactics BBC


📘 Ecuador’s Risky War on Narcos New Yorker 

📘 New $72K Migrant Smuggling Routes to the U.S. Start With Charter Flights Reuters

📘 Money Laundering National Risk Assessment Singapore MAS

📘 A better anti-corruption machine Brookings

📘 Ransomware Victim Insights RUSI

📘 Standards and interoperability: The future of the global financial system Atlantic Council

📘 U.S. Foreign Extortion Prevention Act: New Tool in the Fight Against Global Corruption TI 

📘 How We Uncovered the Modus Operandi of Criminals Smuggling Illegal Gold out of Venezuela Pulitzer Center

📘 Illicit Drugs Are Undermining Pacific Security USIP



📌 China’s Oppression of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang

📌 How Are U.S. Financial Sanctions Developed?

📌 Top 10 Ways Iran Supports and Empowers Hamas

📌 Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Program: A Dangerous Evolution

📌 Top 10 Ways Money Launderers Are Caught Red-Handed 

📌 What are the Top 10 Books on Corruption, Kleptocracy, and Illicit Financing?

📌 What Are 10 Ways China Is Stealing Intellectual Property?

📌 These are Mexico’s Most Powerful Drug Cartels

📌 The Hypocrisy of Labeling Terrorists as ‘Militants’

📌 Sanctions and the IRGC: How Iran’s Paramilitary Group Profits from Economic Hardship

📌 What are the Arguments For and Against ESG?





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